ODM’s Embakasi MP shot dead

From Kenya’s Daily Nation

Embakasi MP Mugabe Were of the Orange Democratic Movement has been shot dead in cold blood. Photobucket

Police and witnesses said that the MP arrived at his Woodley Estate home shortly after midnight and was shot as he waited for his gate to be opened.

A guard who was manning Mr Were’s gate said he heard the MP hoot followed shortly by gun shots.

“I climbed over the gate and saw two people holding guns. I screamed for help and it was then that they disappeared,” the guard told journalists. He then looked over and saw the MP lying beside his car.

He said assisted Mr Were’s family to rush the wounded MP to hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Doctors said that the bullets had caught the victim in the eye and chest.

Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe, who addressed the Press following the shooting, said that they would treat it as murder. He said they had not ruled out political motives.

Mr Kiraithe appealed for any member of the public who might have information that would assist detectives solve the murder to step forward and offer it.

The police spokesman said they would allow any interested parties to either join the police or to conduct parallel investigations in the interest of arresting the culprits

Kenya is bigger than anyone of us
reported that they were receiving credible reports that ODM’s leadership was being targeted for assassination ten days ago.


Fighting between rival ethnic gangs broke out on Tuesday in Nairobi’s Kibera slum, fuelled by killings in the Rift Valley and the shooting to death overnight of an opposition politician, residents said.

A Reuters witness saw two corpses on the ground, with cuts on the head and neck. Another man was in a critical condition after being forcibly circumcised and cut in the leg.

“There are groups attacking each other with bows and arrows,” a Kibera resident said.

Kenyan Military helicopters fire at gangs

UPDATE: 10.30 gmt

Two Kenyan military helicopters opened fired on Tuesday above a crowd threatening members of the Luo tribe sheltering at a police post in the Rift Valley town of Naivasha, a Reuters reporter said.

“The helicopters are dive-bombing the crowd and firing their guns,” Reuters reporter David Lewis said from the scene, as the machine guns thundered out what police said were rubber bullets.

The helicopters dived down towards a crowd of more than 600 people brandishing machetes and clubs three or four times as two police trucks prepared to evacuate the displaced Luos to safety.

The helicopters also opened fire elsewhere in the town.

It was not immediately clear if there were casualties.

UPDATE: 31.01.08

From the NYT:

Many supporters have said Mr. Were, a self-made businessman who was revered in the slum where he grew up, was killed by thugs employed by the government because he was a member of the opposition. If he was eliminated and a new election was held, his supporters said, his seat would probably go to a member of the government’s party.

But it is not clear how solid an opposition member he was. He was a moderate by all accounts and was seen as a potential peacemaker. Members of Mr. Kibaki’s party said Mr. Were was even considering defecting, which could have tipped the balance of power in Parliament, where the opposition has a slight edge. On Wednesday, one government official said that right before the killing, Mr. Were made an appointment to meet with the president and that he might have been slain by people in his own party who saw him as a traitor.

Several of Mr. Were’s friends have said that he was disillusioned with his party’s response to the disputed election, especially the calls for protests, which have resulted in many people being killed, including some shot by police officers. “He was not in thick of his party’s politics,” said George Kimani, a friend.

As for the possibility of defection, Mr. Kimani said, “Yes, he was considering it.”


6 Responses to “ODM’s Embakasi MP shot dead”

  1. 1 SAID MGALLA JUMA January 29, 2008 at 6:08 am

    This must be a political murder case,and you should not take it as an ordinary murder case.You know very well that ODM members are about to reach the destination of winning the gorvanment.

  2. 2 mimisikalonzo January 29, 2008 at 6:48 am

    Dear Kenyans, where we are headed is compounded by those of us who can think yet confine themselves within tribal boxes. Think for one moment, try and think on a personal level if there is a marked difference on the standard of life in this country.

    Some of us are refusing to accept the truth for flimsy reasons like “Kibaki (or Raila) speaks the same language as I”.
    What is happenning is very wrong. I understand when Martha Karua, Moses Wetangula, Kalonzo Musyoka, etc. support Kibaki or William Ruto, Musalia Mudavadi, Anyang Nyong’o support Raila- they know which side of their bread is buttered. These two groups stand to lose one way or the other.

    As Kenyans, let us think ONLY OF JUSTICE! This is the only way we are assured of a country of equal cances. The evidence is so overwhelming that Kibaki did not win the election (DONT THINK AS A PNUist OR ODMist!). Why dont we have any independent party saying the tallying was wrong?

    Please! Even when a thief speaks the truth it remains that, the truth.

    If my brother were a murderer, I would accept he is a murderer… He would remain my brother, and I would defend him with my life where he is threatened, BUT WOULD NOT DEFEND HIS MURDERING WAYS!

    I would not at any cost be party to his murdering ways and if he were arrested, I would ensure he got justice, not an aquital.

    All dictators’ kin at first rejoice when he is in power and support him to the hilt. But given time, he also starts to eat his own. JM realised this of Kenyatta’s Presidency, Muge of the Moi one, whom will we judge favourably in this one?


  3. 3 Spirit January 29, 2008 at 6:55 am

    It is not too late. Kenya at this stage can recover very quickly. What we need is for the peace process to spell out far reaching democratic reforms urgently and for immediate steps to be taken as soon as a deal is agreed on.

    Peace will not only return, but its sustainability will be assured with a good constitution.

    As Anan said: Kenyans need to know that the cloth of government will cover them all.

  4. 4 mimisikalonzo January 29, 2008 at 8:33 am

    Heh! Roselyne! You are part of our problem. With the like of you, it is no wonder we are where we are.
    I will try and give you a few pointers:
    1. It is the right of every Kenyan (not just Were) to be and feel secure. So if you go out after midnight without a bodyguard you should be shot?
    2. Since Were was linked to petrol bombs he took part in the skirmishes? Now that Uhuru, Thuo, Michuki have been linked to Mungiki and Ruto to the killings in Rift Valley and Nyachae to Sungusungu they should be shot?
    3. So maina Kiai is confused? being a Kikuyu he should only open his mouth when a non Kikuyu president is in power? I dont know if you are old enough to remember the part Kiai played during the Moi era. He has not change a bit, and neither should he.
    4. You ned to remember that a criminal’s work is to steal, maim kill and injure, they do not conform to the norms of the society – the police on the other hand have a duty to serve and protect. The fact that we pay their salries means they are answerable to us.
    5. For huma rights abuses, it is only governments that are accused of human rights abuses all over the world. When others do it it is callde CRIME which does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Kenya HUMAN RIGHTS Commission – that is why when a cop kils you it is called extra judicial killing and anyone else it is called murder.

    I AM ASHAMED YOU ARE A KENYAN (that is if you are)

  5. 5 athenaeum January 29, 2008 at 8:48 am

    I have deleted Rosleyne’s comments which appear to justify the murder of Mugabe Were.

  1. 1 Kipsigis battle Kisiis in Western Kenya « A Political Mugging in God’s Own Country Trackback on February 3, 2008 at 9:37 pm

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