Okiya Omtatah Okoiti’s non-violent action

Renowned African poet, playwriter, novelist, author, writer and human rights activist Okiya Omtatah Okoiti on January 17, 2007 had chained himself to the fence of police headquarters, Nairobi to protest the killing of unarmed civilians in Kisumu by the Kenya police.

The killing of two youths was captured on video and televised on national television. The police are suppressing any form of demonstrations protesting the rigged presidential election that saw Mwai Kibaki declared the winner by ECK Chairman.

Omtatah was forcefully unchained from the fence, manhandled and arrested. He was taken to the KICC police station where he was locked up briefly and the transferred to an unknown place.

Hat tip to Kenya is Bigger Than all of US

Okiya Omtatah Okoiti arrested!

Okoiti Omtatah a Kenyan human rights defender has been arrested for chaining himself to the gates of Kenya Police Headquarters this morning (17.01.2008) in protest against police shoot to kill orders and the killing of scores of unarmed and peaceful protesters during the post-election crisis in Kenya. Mr. Okoiti has been detained solely for his peaceful activities. In a text message to his lawyer from Nairobi\’s Central Police Station Mr. Okoiti said he expects to be charged tomorrow morning with \”attempted suicide and causing a disturbance.\” In July 2007, Okoiti and 4 fellow human rights defenders were unconditionally discharged from police custody by the High Court of Kenya following their illegal detention for alleged public order offences.


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