On Ugandan Troops

Kenya’s press are starting to report on the Ugandan troops in Kenya

ODM: Govt importing troops

MPs-elect from Western and Nyanza provinces have accused the Government of importing Ugandan soldiers to cause mayhem during their peaceful mass rallies this week.

The MPs claimed they had evidence that the Ugandan troops are in Kenya with the consent of Kibaki’s Government.

The ODM leaders have demanded that all Ugandan troops in Kenya be withdrawn immediately to protect the sovereignty of the country.

“These troops have been seen landing by boat along the shores of Lake Victoria at various points from Sori to Port Victoria,” stated the MPs in a statement read by Mr Chris Okemo, the Nambale MP-elect at a news conference at Orange House, Nairobi on Sunday.

They have made crossings at Malaba and Busia border posts,” they added.

They cited the case in Usenge where the Ugandan troops were allegedly met on one of the beaches and escorted by local police vehicles on Saturday.

“In the last one week there has been a heavy build-up of Ugandan troops along the border. In the absence of a similar build-up of Kenyan troops our people have justification to worry,” the MPs stated.

The MPs further claimed that they had filmed three busloads of Ugandan troops crossing into Kenya through the Malaba border.

“The buses had Kenyan registration numbers. The registration numbers of one of the vehicles is KAZ 803D. We are fortunate that this particular crossing was recorded on film and can be made available to the media at an appropriate time,” they said.

The statement further claimed that in Nyatike, Rangwe, Mbita, Busia, Bungoma, Kakamega, Siaya, Bondo and Kisumu districts, the Ugandan troops went into villages and markets, harassed residents and caused mayhem.

“They have caused deaths in Nyatike, Mbita, Gem, Bondo and Ugenya,” Okemo said.

The MPs further accused the Government of plotting to punish residents in ODM strongholds.

But the Government has denied claims of the presence of Ugandan troops in Kenya.

Police spokesman, Mr Eric Kiraithe, said yesterday they had patrolled the Kenyan-Ugandan border in efforts to get the said troops in vain.

“Our officers at the border went around to investigate the reports, but they did not find any clue. These are rumours and let the local residents feel safe,” he said.

THE Amani Forum is going to Nyanza to see whether this is true.

MPs to probe Ugandan gunmen

THE Amani Forum, a regional grouping of Parliamentarians from the Great Lakes Region has declared an urgent probe into the alleged presence of Ugandan gunmen in the Western Kenyan port near Kisumu.

The Chairperson of Amani-Uganda, Ms Betty Amongi Ongom, accompanied by a host of MPs, told reporters at Parliament on Thursday that to speed up the investigations,the forum is sending a fact-finding delegation to Kenya to arrive in Nairobi on January 13.

“We have heard rumours that Ugandan gunmen have killed civilians in Kisumu. But as Amani Forum, we don’t act on hearsay,that’s why we are sending a delegation on a fact-finding mission,” Ms Amongi said.

The probe comes days after Kenyan opposition leader,Raila Odinga alleged during an interview on KFM’s Hot Seat talk show on Tuesday that he had called President Yoweri Museveni protesting the presence of Ugandan gunmen in the lakeside city of Kisumu.

Joseph Aroki has posted a number of graphic photos of victims shot dead by GSU.


1 Response to “On Ugandan Troops”

  1. 1 Godfrey January 12, 2009 at 6:11 am

    Its now a whole year since these claims were made and its obvious they were lies. Its unfortunate that many Ugandans were killed in Kisumu and Western Kenya as a result of these allegations. The perpetrators of the lies ought to face trial for incitement.

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