A country in turmoil

Joseph Karoki has posted heart-breaking photos of toddlers bodies piled together in the Nairobi mortuary on his blog.

Never, never, never did I think we would be witnessing such horrifying scenes in Kenya today! A Political solution is needed right now. Admit the election was rigged and let Odinga go to Kibera to talk to his supporters there and beg them to stop killing one another now.

BBC News 24 is showing scenes of Kenyans displaced in Eldoret outside this church. 100,000 people have been displaced.
The Red Cross is distributing food to the people sheltering here. These people did nothing to bring this upon themselves while two big men in Nairobi are playing games.

People are being escorted from Burnt Forest under police guard. The police look very stretched. What can be done to stop this other than getting Kenyan troops out to Rift Valley now?

Look at these homes which have been flattened ensuring that these people can never return to their homesteads! Tell me this is not being instigated by some very sinister people who want the Kikuyu out!
Who gains from this displacement? Accusing fingers are pointing at one William Ruto who earlier in the year was accused of financing militias in the Rift Valley area.

People walk through an area that was razed to the ground in Kibera.


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