Raila Agrees To Participate In An Interim Govt

Odinga has dropped the preconditions he set earlier in which he insisted Kibaki resign before talks be held between the two camps and he now states that he is prepared to participate in an interim government. This intermim government is to last no more than three months after which a new poll should be held. An independent body is to monitor the process and not the ECK which is now seen to thoroughly discredited, particularly in the light of Chairman Samuel Kivuite’s revelations the night before last.

However nobody in Kibaki’s PNU seemed to be listening. Vice-President Moody Awori came out and said in response, “Democracy has its institutions and structures. I am not telling you anything you don’t know. You know more than I do. These institutions and structures must be upheld and respected. ECK is one. The Judiciary is another. They must be used at all times and not selectively. That is the law”. Thereby giving the ECK his personal stamp of endorsement.

This was followed by Uhuru, the Gatundu South MP-elect and Kanu chairman declaring “We won the elections and whoever feels aggrieved should go to court and we will be available for response. It’s not our responsibility to initiate dialogue.”

As Kenyan Jurist says, the courts are not an option

As I have stated previously, this insistence on challenging the results in court is just a ruse and it ignores the fact that we are dealing with an issue not of legality but legitimacy and justice. How can anyone expect the court to be fair when in Kivuitu states, “I arrived at State House to take the certificate and I found the Chief Justice there, ready to swear-in Kibaki.” What can Kenyans expect from the court?

Unbelievable that it has come to this. As somebody said elsewhere, this is not the time for brinkmanship but statesmanship.

While both sides circle around each other, government privately financed militia are killing people in Eldoret (how else to explain the mysterious arrival of two C130 planes at Eldoret Airport on 31st December and the ensuing massacres and burning of people’s home leading to the displacement of 100,000 people as reported by the Red Cross and the subsequent failure of Kibaki or whoever is running the country to send in the army to provide security and humanitarian relief to the people?) and then there is the senseless killing of Luos in Kisumu by Ugandan GSU, as they flee without warning shots being fired. Journalists have reported seeing in the Kisumu mortuary bodies of people shot in the back. And the killing is indiscriminate.



2 Responses to “Raila Agrees To Participate In An Interim Govt”

  1. 1 Annah January 5, 2008 at 5:37 am

    This is a very good analysis. I am glad to see that Kenyan bloggers are not letting the issue of Ugandan militia in Nyanza province die. Since the international media appears to have little interest in reporting this very dangerous situation, it is upon us as Kenyans to do so. Do you mind if I repost this elsewhere?

  2. 2 athenaeum January 6, 2008 at 1:10 am

    Please feel free to do so.

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