Kibaki meets with 85 MPs

Abunuwasi reports

Eighty five newly elected members of Parliament today met with President Kibaki where they roundly condemned the acts of violence witnessed in parts of the country.

At the meeting held at State House Nairobi, the MPs said it was unfortunate that innocent lives had been lost and property worth millions of shillings destroyed in the senseless orgy of violence.

Noting that the violence had assumed grave situation, the members of Parliament formed several committees to reach out to their opponents and to those affected by the clashes so as to quickly bring the situation in the country back to normal.

The MPs noted with concern that if not stopped in good time, the violence could escalate into ethnic cleansing, adding that communities being victimized for voting in a particular way were being denied their democratic rights.

The leaders also send their message of condolences to those who had lost family members and friends, saying that the deaths were a national loss.

The leaders noted that some people were committing heinous crimes against humanity, under the guise of political disaffection

President Kibaki reiterated the government’s concern over the situation, noting that the government had taken appropriate measures to ameliorate the situation. He said other than beefing up security in the affected areas, the government had taken relief supplies to internally displaced persons camping at in churches and police stations.

Said the President, “We are also opening the northern corridor routes that go through Eldoret and Kisumu to normal traffic so that essential goods and services can reach people in the areas and other countries in the region.”

On the tenth Parliament, President Kibaki urged the MPs to be focused on issues that affect the people once Parliament starts its sessions.

He called on MPs from different political persuasions to close the ranks on issues of national importance, saying they should deliver on their election promises.

The President said that he was open to dialogue on national issues, saying it was the reason he had called the meeting of elected leaders from across the political divide.

President Kibaki said leaders must give dialogue a chance as a way of ensuring peace in the country.

President Kibaki asked the newly elected MPs to fast tract their capacity on Parliamentary procedures so that they can make meaningful contributions in the House.

They congratulated President Kibaki on his re-election, noting that his victory was decisive.

Abunuwasi also reports that some shops and supermarkets opened today in Nairobi where long queues formed. Some essential items like maize and wheat, flour, bread, sugar and cooking oil went up in price by 50%. Public Transport Vehicles took this opportunity to raise fares.


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