AU Head to fly into Kenya today

The Head of the African Union, Ghanian President John Kufour, is flying into Kenya to head the reconciliation effort between Odinga and Kibaki. But Odinga continues to insist that Kibaki and the PNU admit that they stole the election first, before any talks can take place between them, leaving little room for manouevre. The UK media are reporting that 300 people have been killed and 100,000 Kenyans displaced so far in the Mt Elgon Area. The Kenyan Red Cross is appealing for support, and pleads for the government to provide security for the people here. Some tens of thousands of Kenyans have gone over the Ugandan border for safety.

There are reports that Ugandan GSU are in Kisumu invited into Kenya to police the situation after Kenyan police and military declined to follow Shoot to Kill orders. The EA Standard also reports that the Ugandan Army is deployed on the Kenyan border, not to back Kibaki but to stop any violence spilling over into Ugandan territory.

The Media Owner’s Association has criticized the banning of live media broadcasts and the censoring of Odinga’s ODM while networks continued to broadcast the activities of Kibaki’s PNU. “I wish to express my disgust with how some of my members have handled the live ban,” Hannington Gaya, chairman of Media Owners’ Association, said yesterday. KBC and K24 were named. A journalist explained that coverage of the “skirmishes” going on around the country might incite further violence.

“The news blackout could result in the streets being ruled by rumour and disinformation,” said media watchdog Reporters without Borders on Monday. “It imposes a climate intimidation and plunges the country into confusion.” This is exactly what has happened.

Kenyan Pundit says that the rumours that Kivuite’s life was threatened have been confirmed by diplomatic sources.


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