Raila Odinga declares himself the winner

To the dismay of myself and many other Kenyans Raila Odinga has declared himself the winner of the Kenyan elections and promised to set up a parallel government and has called for his supporters to come out in force at his inauguration to show that Kenyans reject the decision of the Electoral Commission of Kenya.

The inauguration ceremony has been set for 2.00 p.m. in Uhuru Park tomorrow, which has also coincidentally been declared a public holiday by Kibaki. The rumour mill suggests that Odinga and other big wheels have been arrested, following a ruling that the inauguration ceremony has been declared illegal. Although Kumekucha who has so far been spot on with his reports of what is happening on the ground in Kenya has not reported this. Earlier in the day he had said he was leaving the city with Odinga’s convoy so as to get through the security checks, I’d expect him of all people to know and broadcast this loudly should it be true.

In a statement from the Police Commissioner’s office, Odinga and supporters were warned that ‘After due consideration of the prevailing security situation the meeting is illegal and any person who will attempt to attend this meeting will face the full force of the law.’

In the meantime the government has placed a ban on all live media broadcasts, ostensibly to prevent a planned ODM conference in which voting irregularities were going to be discussed live on air. All negative media images of Kenya have also been banned.


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